Gallery - Works on Canvas

self portrait
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Charcoal on canvas
n.d. (probably 1997)
42.5" x 34"
Signed verso

True to the tradition of figure painting, Reggie created several self-portraits during his career. This is the last one – exhibiting his excellent draftsmanship in this forceful charcoal drawing.
Painting of a drummer
Ratamacue (The Drummer)
Oilstick on canvas
30" x 24"
Not signed

Since about 2000, Reggie began to explore the subject of blues and jazz musicians. He was inspired both by listening to live jazz performed at the Albuquerque Museum and by the stories of the various musicians and singers he depicted. Ratamacue and The HAWK, below, are part of a series of oil pastels in which the movement of the performer is echoed in the abstract rendering of the background. Ratamacue refers to the sound a drummer creates during a particular drum sequence.
Painting of a still-life with tools
Still Life with Tools
Oilstick on canvas
12" x 9"
Signed lower right

For those who have visited Reggie’s studio at one time or another, this might look familiar. He had a vast collection of coffee cans filled with assorted brushes and tools which added even more character to his already very eclectic studio.
Painting of a still-life with flowers
Still Life with Flowers
Oilstick and oil on canvas
16" x 9"
Signed lower right
Painting of a saxophone player
Oilstick on canvas
30" x 20"
Not signed
A New Deal
A New Deal? (Stars and Stripes Forever) (P20-98)
Acrylic on canvas
48" x 36"
Signed lower right

Reggie produced his first political pieces after participating in marches in Washington in 1960’s. He continued to paint political commentary throughout his career. This particular piece exemplifies his layered style where many different images and narratives are fused together to create a complex message
Painting of People in a Gym
At the Starting Gate
Oilstick on canvas
30" x 38"
Not signed

During the mid 90s, Reggie joined a Health Club and was instantly inspired by its colorful clothing and bustling activity. This body of work is a humorous comment on how contemporary society inflicts on itself tortures work-outs in its quest for physical well-being and perfectly sculpted body.
Painting of Marian Anderson
He's Got the Whole World In His Hands (Marian Anderson)
Acrylic on masonite
48" x 38"
Signed lower right
Painting of Reggie's brother Arnold
My Brother Arnold
Oil on canvas
30.5" x 24.5"
Signed lower right

This painting hung in the Gammon home for decades and has never been offered for sale before. Reggie painted a series of family portraits, nearly all of which sold very quickly. This is a truly unique painting, dating from a much earlier period than most that are still available today.
Painting of a house on Nantucket
Nantucket House
Oil on canvas
23.5" x 35.5"
Signed lower right

Gammon and his wife of 50 years, Jonni, lived in New York City for almost twenty years. Like most New Yorkers, they spend their summers in the surrounding countryside. "Nantucket Home" depicts the aging dwelling of one of Gammon's friends.